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    November 1, 2013
    10:00 - 10:31am PDT  

month at seven point three per cent from a year earlier the previous monthly record was forty nine billion posted in july two thousand eleven in these three attributes that record months to a surge in shipments to the united states and european union with the magic recovering in a vast nations korea's exports are expected to keep growing in the coming months by sector exports of information technology products such as semiconductors and mobile phones led the way in october outbound shipments of automobiles also grew significantly by over twenty percent after production egg and then muttering and yet motors normal lights following our strengths in september. imports also rose by around five percent to forty five point six billion dollars making for a treat surplus of over four point eight billion last month october marks the twenty
first straight month in which three and has posted a treat served as bolstering expectations that the korean economy is on the path to gradual recovery. korea's rising exports will boost domestic demand and the number of jobs which will contribute to the train economy's recovery in the fourth quarter the central bank said last week that any economy grew three point three percent in the third quarter of this year from a year earlier the fastest pace of expansion in nearly two years. despite the rosy outlook retreat ministry cited in the west. i could stand offs and the fence and tapering of its bomb buying stimulus program has major uncertainties that could have a negative impact on the nation's exports. did you use. sale as economic news korea's consumer prices grew at their slowest pace in fourteen years in october saying his ear percent range
for a second straight month statistics korea said friday that the nation's inflation rate edged up just zero point seven percent last month from the same period a year earlier slowing from a zero point eight percent gain in september. the figure marks the slowest yearly growth since july nineteen ninety nine when consumer prices grew zero point three percent the agency attributed the slow growth to a drop in the prices of farming and petroleum products. and here's the result of an assessment by the international monetary fund of korea's overall economic conditions the imf has decided to maintain its growth outlook for next year and three point seven percent say it has fared well despite the recent financial turmoil ign reports. thus officials say korea has weathered the recent global uncertainties in financial turmoil relatively well. and it's been a well positioned
to both benefit from the global recovery but also withstand any any for the terminal or more uncertainty coming from the global environment and that reflects its strong fundamentals and skills policy making. ahmad tales de lago di assistant director of the imf asia pacific department led a team of officials who met with key financial and economic policymakers in korea over the past two weeks to assess korea's economic health speaking at a press briefing on friday she said. korea will achieve two point eight per cent gdp growth this year and three point seven per cent growth in twenty fourteen. two sets of numbers which meant a change from previous imf forecast with what korea stability in the financial sector with banks now less vulnerable to external liquidity shocks however in the longer term she says. or you will still be sometimes in tasks at home with rising corporate and household debts. we'll bring
down the domestic economy. we are somewhat less optimistic however that growth prospects in the longer end. even the we each may relate to the weak momentum as domestic demand which will in my continued heavy reliance on that exports. on the one hand and then given on the other hand the pressures. from rock the population aging which will push down potential growth. if i get such possibilities. the team concluded that korean need to prioritize its policies on boosting domestic demand and increasing the level of income grow. uni on adding onions. the president up and hair will embark on a week long european tour and saturdays which will take her to france britain and belgium are presents love this course on intelligent you has more on the president's last overseas trip for this year the trick is if president x fifty your ad will be strengthening cooperation
with european entries in the areas of creative economy and finance. korea sees britain is having them as potential for cooperated much as a given its strong financial sector. see your present or secretary for economic affairs tool and don't over porters and a large number of ammo use are currently being discussed but britain including one on setting up a consumer financial protection bureau in korea and another on cooperation between the financial watchdogs of the two nations. in addition to korea development and candor british venture capital company are expected to sign an mou ensuring precedent that state visit to britain. the doors for korean venture firms to garner investment from that country president abbas aides to pave the way for korean tend to be seeking to participate into a project of france but entry earth markets such as africa the present office of canada said that korea and france will discuss ways to work together to leah foundation
for creative economy in korea based on the european can't respect and technology and cultural content he also discussed cooperation on a series of mega energy projects. during her eight the trip to france britain and belgium president that is scheduled to hold bilateral talks with french president francois le long. british prime minister david cameron dr prime minister elliott the repellent in the presidents of the eu commission and european council. jocelyn meet the queen alice but the second hand dealt to escape the lead pack. in addition share price in her sails diplomacy approach her talks with european leaders president beck is expected to engage in soft diplomacy to connect with the european people. she'll be attending korean drama and film events during her trip a lot for university of london. all it seems you again heats russian president vladimir putin will visit korea for two days later this month becoming the first leader among the four major
countries neighboring korea to visit seoul in the pot in a ministry for the presidential office of tata announced friday that the two leaders would need over two days starting november of that during the talks are expected to seek ways to further develop their political and economic ties to discuss place to be peace and stability on the korean peninsula and north east asia. this is the second bilateral summit between the two leaders following their first on the sidelines of the g twenty summit in st petersburg in september. friday was the last day of the twenty fifth column entry on it for most of the standing committees the alleged meddling by the spy agency and the military in last year's presidential election dominated much of the final session for kenyan she reports. history and defense committees on friday focused on fresh allegations at the national intelligence service and the military cyber warfare command unit
launched an extensive online here a campaign against opposition candidates before the presidential election last december. the scandal has captured three and politics and wine into a broader debate about the legitimacy of last year's presidential election. during this streak of these odd session up a jemaah makers accused the justice minister at the departure of the prosecutors investigating the case. while ruling party lawmaker said the opposition is making the issue bigger than it really adds. justice minister pandit one place to do his part to clear out any remaining suspicion surrounding the case. bought the ninety accusation to use his influence to pressure prosecutors and defense command odd exception. as mr white said in comments to complete the military's ongoing investigation into the allegations against the cyber command unit and protect the political neutrality of the military yes lawmakers refrain from
making this a political issue saying that doing so with pride. south korean cybersecurity address now the key out of its lead over for most any committee lawmakers are expected to begin reviewing pending bills and next year's project starting next week. but the wide gap between them suggests that the men have difficulty carrying out any legislative activity the remaining weeks of this commentary session which ends in december. as a wrap up the odd and the ruling party said the tribal parties must all move on from the spy agency scandal. you are to take care of more pressing lightly to issues and the present democratic party disagreed saying that ensuring democracy and bringing stability to the political arena are some of the most pressing issues we must address. kinsey at eng this. in a landmark
ruling a korean court on this friday ordered the japanese steelmaker to compensate five koreans who are victims of forced labor during japan's thirty five year were colonial rule of korea right pundits say the verdict and for once pending cases of forced labor compensation the japanese enterprises and to tell us more we can apply for back up to one nap a new center at two and a love hate counting teehee. yes kerry is coming to district court on friday afternoon will be in favor of fighting tv journalist with the outcome if the supremes against mitsubishi heavy industries the court ordered the japanese friendship aid to victims of forced either to one hundred and forty thousand us dollars for preston and damage is. i went in with the index east was forced to wait for the company would help pay for nearly a year and half in the mid nineteen forties read it for a korea's liberation from japan. the victims during their early teens
appetite of violation of the monastic human rights norms of the year out. in a dance party contest a lawsuit against the japanese government and need to be seen that in nineteen ninety nine. in a japanese just a quite only to have their teeth gone out by japan's supreme court in two thousand eight. late that time to get into court said in a tv show compensation claims had to make the team settled in japan's bid for reasons package of eight hundred million dollars to korea in nineteen sixty five. when the two countries restored to the many variations. however to his supreme court ruled last year that the reparations dion does not preclude indeed the jewels from the main advantage is that he's buying that conspire to receive the very end of the very fourteen years after fighting their compensation of boston against the japanese for. as to what we hear there are other similar cases that are still pending in korean ports right. misty and when she
gets to the third case in which victims of forced neighbor had won compensation claims against japanese brands in a korean court earlier this year the school type were built in favor of four out of course dinners and ordered me one steal and sumitomo metal corporation previously known as the plan steel corporation to take a few large format with just one hundred million won or about ninety forty thousand dollars each in great deeds and damage its the end of the month of july. with the high court ruled in favor of five of the victims of forced labor in their compensation claims against the bbc had in the states however the japanese brands have appealed the original weeks in korea screen cory still reviewing the case pits over two one two rulings in korean ports have a binding effect on japanese firms and in this case how will they get mitsubishi to comply what's done a little complicated. if the japanese
companies refuse to comply with the korean course by a noble reason. this can still ask the company's assets the friendly seem to react or in their countries where these companies have korean branch is where hold shares in some korean companies said they are leased to receive damages from that in the companies could also voluntarily decide to pay damages on there and take into consideration the company says if the custody case. it contained evidence that it's an std one hundred in the fifteen thousand koreans with forced into labor. beat in nineteen ten and nineteen forty five when japan called the night. can this guy. well many of them have died. it takes to stay at least one hundred and effective victims of forced labor during the japanese colonial rule. i also painted body compensation stood against japanese firms in the future so we can expect several notches to follow her until i'm thinking very much for that report. before your dna
and another begins. get the latest line from seoul any expert analysis from ages fourteen with a viewpoint on the cold its global network and one on arrival that. he always on standby. south. turning now to the latest conflict over japan's online video offensive over the telco i know it's the japanese foreign ministry has posted yet another video claiming ownership of korea's top though. but this one is in the english are undone has more on schools and media requests to tokyo to delete the content you can see this is a new english version video clip and pronounced it and sovereignty over
the korean controlled the loins. but it's new leaf posted by the japanese foreign ministry on its website. the second of its kind of falling of original japanese version posted a week ago. like the previous one. the video claims that the latest japanese territory change it and gained sovereignty over the rocky i've read in the seventeenth century and reaffirmed its claim in nineteen oh five as expected. in nineteen oh five the japanese government reaffirmed its intention to claim sovereignty over tacky sima by a cabinet position she nineties but the japanese call the line next. seoul's foreign ministry immediately urged tokyo to delete the content arguing that to hand sovereignty claim this context. going on with me. we made a strong protest against japanese foreign ministry closing of a new video clip on its website. it would once again strongly urge the japanese government to delete the video immediately
you've got to go to the mall the news that has gained over four hundred thousand viewers in more than seven thousand recommendations to the promotion video produced by the korean government has been deleted due to copyright complications. parts of the senate were allegedly taken from duke and state run broadcaster nhk without permission. scholars says the promotional video will be made in seven different languages. but it looks like korea is lagging behind japan at least in terms of promotion efforts. and i didn't need us. another good balance in the us spying scandal this time a report at australia claims that the us national security agency is using australian and the seas and a chat to intercept phone calls and data across the region. unending reports the cancellation nations including china are demanding an explanation from the united states on reports
wash busy gazing electronic intelligence gathering australian indices think all sports and the countries the sydney morning herald reported thursday. now australian embassies in asia and win the one and aj were being used as part of the us led spying operations the reporter us nasa security agency documents show the australian government has been allowing the nsa cooperate in this and the seas and in the show. i let it not china and east timor. the chinese foreign ministry said that us should abide by international law and regulations. a finance extremely concerned about this report and asked that the us offer a clarification an explanation. we also accept foreign embassies in tyne and their staff respectively and accommodation and other international treaties. we should not get involved in any activities that harm tighten security and ensure a pain in the cigar but also someone that u s ambassador to jakarta to clear up the allegations. ask and it continues to deepen
the menace park at all former nsa contractors were snowed in. i found a job in russia. the russian lawyer eighties snowden said thursday that he will start work in november provided support for a large russian website. she noted. the edits the series recent pivotal game seven on friday night and we happened to him and stephen j joins us to phyllis and all the details of the series deciding game stated. hey guys one team was going to go down in history as though that they're now let's get straight to our last video highlights of the season. it's the bears you he'd climb on the mountain versus the lions tied it one time. now we go on to the first of their skin on two hits and one that
bears are on the board first now to the bottom some songs walk on he comes in like this and why it's what one side ok now to the third that there is usually comes home on a life. well two one two sons. got some strong ties to the end of day in the old days before exploding into six five months but made including beast to buy parts of the game. it's seven to now seventh inning the bears who see dawn gets one back with a homer but it's not enough for someone comes in to close it and counseling for the final score of seventy three to become your korean series champion. and with the victim read the psalms the lines became the first team to be crowned champions three years in a row since nineteen eighty eight he had the tigers accomplish the feat from nineteen eighty six in nineteen eighty eight before winning their fourth straight the following year so congratulations to two thousand and thirty kb old korean series champion stefan
from my heart out well. now could buy baseball fellow basketball. let's wrap up the week with friday stocks video mash ups starting with the mulder steve is taking on the phone book from a malcolm bruce tried to break their three game losing streak and are down seven i have put a comeback in the third and simpson humid hot. moby is still too much for them from dumont scored nineteen. rod benson gets his fifth double double and boldly for the eighty two and seventy meanwhile i'm the anti dc visiting. lg seekers can someone say kids can't get it done on the fence and their downfall at the half and they won't come back tt season sean evans drops twenty four and fifteen and k d c with its eighty five to seventy two. that does for me near the sports center this has been speeding shed setback at midnight. the latest in a
world of sports. moon. eye. a
looks like a pleasant autumn weather it is over for a while there's rain in the forecast over the weekend i threaded the south with covert striking but down at the leather etc put down the evening sun and sea and sun medicine and is expected to rain over the weekend and its allies to bring find out front i now love with it. now moving on to the art satellite map as you can see we have clear skies across the map due to a high pressure system from the east sea. however i expected to move and later at night that's tomorrow but to be a cloudy day here in korea there may be like passing showers with humiliation have about five millimeters and central regions a lot with what i can come and province is about the bad news is that the showers will bring fine dust from china especially in the central region's leading to about twice as much flying dutchman usual. so please please be careful if you have respiratory problems that
look that said tomorrow's another is stylish morning lovely six degrees but the height of sixteen the last cities down south will hit the low twenty s i see a lot everyday. it sets up the day and sixteen degrees before hitting twenty three liter i did a lot to do and not convincing at eighteen and nine degrees respectively. i read this hour but during the flight at eight am to midnight. thanks gal. the show broadcasts on this friday nights and the ck and sold them some and thanks for watching have a great weekend see you soon. i was the two. chee world
programming for globally minded people. sponsors and underwriters local contact us at sponsors to any team that works done or seven o three seven seven o seven one four seven. changes to the stage and you can shoot outside a small seat into the collar some of the world's most advanced aluminum processing plants. he walks the machine into any shape you can imagine. using techniques to bring multi dimensional grind it into one. regent street makes you don't deal with everything we've been friends too soft drink cans. she can or aluminum processing plant was shut down by the disastrous march. which damaged its machinery and equipment. however christmas
with teammate from the plant is now breaking again aluminium tube stop making of the country's extreme since when has pumped into specialized chips the tombstone pizza for tea rooms and beyond. but that will always be some minute degree of distortion. after processing the tutors will become virtually distortion free. in tunisia and fixed the company developed its own technology to achieve its world leading position. cross sectional tolerance isn't measured in one hundredths of an addict when bruce's team technology used in this pond is known as the story the story is the heart of the going price. over eight thousand dollars are used each one producing teams with a different shape and
thickness. the two stalls are inserted into the doors and secure. the door as a refuge or practical is to stop the crime. going off to new limits distortion. it also changes the chemical properties of the luton. it was too great to read it the accuracy of the joint processes into it by unique techniques developed disclosed to control practice such as growing strength and direction. i would amount to be thinking or what the result is aluminum tubes that stretches far the highest accuracy requirements and one. choose a color or materials essential for manufacturing high precision components of this camera lens. but also provide a point you're going to require the components like those used for high speed train. distortion free
with precision aluminum tubes from shoot. the new zealand leading interest in supplying blue comply with environmental change. he's too with retention me to tune into to carry it through the three thousand meters below the surface to kill a policeman. we went over and says are essential to maintain a one millimeter gap between the two attempts on specific issues he bonded with each wanted me to link the two and a distortion of less than zero point three million. thanks to the decision of the students and their ability to withstand the freezing of fun ling went smooth. will took the first ever eight hundred thousand euro and lifestyle i am. some of the points decision to limit imports made it to single income students to complete. this
leading edge japanese to come into place an essential role in the dying moments and supports manufacturing industries in round one. and mdm new living room. the only one. bubble radical set of grisly record of the world body count double. just to hear brings questions over just what the decade of war on terror has shown for itself. israel's warplanes bomb syria again reports which the israeli military refuses to comment on. murray it will confirm the city this in the midst of serious civil